Head of Research & Communications
Having joined DSDHA in 2015, Roberta oversees the practice's communication and research projects. In 2015, with colleagues from DSDHA, she was awarded a 2-year Research Fellowship in the Built Environment by the Royal Commission for The Exhibition of 1851, to study the future of cycling and mobility in London. 

Roberta has lectured widely in the UK and internationally, she currently teaches History and Theory of Architecture at the Architectural Association (AA) and her writings have featured on AD, AA Files; Blueprint and in the books ‘Real Estates: Life Without Debt’ (Bedford Press, 2014) and ‘Erasmus Effect’ (Quodlibet, 2014).  

Roberta studied Interior Design at the Politecnico di Milano and received her Masters in Histories and Theories of Architecture from the AA in 2010. Before joining DSDHA, she worked in an editorial capacity at Artifice (the architectural imprint of Black Dog Publishing) and collaborated on the curation and realisation of design exhibitions, including ‘Afrofuture’ (2013) and ‘Hacked!’ (2012).
  1. Other Stories: Alternative Perspectives on Design