1. Think Zinc
    During the construction of the pigmented zinc facade for Alex Monroe Studio, DSDHA visited the site at 37 Snowsfields to learn about the art of bespoke zinc facade fabrication.The specialist zinc craftsman on site introduced the studio to the process of cutting, folding, and installing the complex profiled pigmented zinc...
  2. Cyclopaths
    DSDHA has been awarded a two-year Research Fellowship in the Built Environment by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. With the support of the fellowship grant, DSDHA are exploring the notion of 'The Beautiful Everyday Journey’, with the aim to make cycling a more pleasurable, exciting and accessible mode of...
  3. Orbits and Trajectories - PhD research by Deborah Saunt
  4. Rome Study Trip
  5. If We Could Design London
  6. Christ's College Heat Recovery
    Researching through our project for Christ's College School to develop a sustainable and efficient Heat Recovery System for use throughout the building.