Stud Farm

Sensitive, modern insertions have transformed this Victorian stud farm into a modern day country estate and gallery for a private art collection. Amenities include pool, dining pavilion, guest accommodation and playhouse grouped around a landscaped courtyard.

A former stable building has been reimagined as a Flooded Stable. When the doors are opened in the retained elevation, water of the indoor pool laps against their slate thresholds, and the building appears flooded. Entering from the courtyard across a bridge, the interiors are defined by a minimalist palette of oak, slate and plaster. Each item, from joinery to stainless steel roof trusses to the Cumbrian slate linings of the pool, is a bespoke design and detailed so that the enjoyment comes, not only from sight, but from touch and sensation

The brief for this project was to create a modern bespoke architecture that enjoys a sympathetic relationship with the existing context, allowing for special framed views between buildings and the landscape, which in turn is inhabited by commissioned pieces of sculpture.

'...commended by the judges for its high quality of workmanship and its interiors which "fits like gifts within gift-wrapping."  RIBA Award 2004 Judges Comments'

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