Palace Green

Private Residence, London

This private residence in Kensington, London is a substantial refurbishment and remodelling of a significant Grade II Listed mansion. DSDHA have worked in collaboration with Leroy Street Studios and with The Crown Estate, RBKC planners and English Heritage to sensitively restore the finer qualities of the existing building, whilst allowing for appropriate contemporary interventions to transform this house into a modern day home for a 21st century family of art collectors.

Collaboration with a team of experts including landscape, lighting and interior designers together with an array of specialised craftsmen allowed DSDHA to achieve a quality of refinement.

Architect: DSDHA 
Interior Design: Veere Grenney Associates 
Landscape Architect: Edmund Hollander Design 
Structural Engineer: Mervyn Brown Associates 
Planning Consultant: London Planning Pratice 
Contractor: Laybrook Homes
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