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  1. 02.03.2022

    Sanket Ghatalia and Oluwaseyi Adewole talk Spatial Justice with REDD Collective

    Sanket and Seyi joined the REDD Collective yesterday for a talk about their research and work on the topic of Spatial Justice. DSDHA have been developing this work with their Design Think Tank students at LSA. For this digital talk they were joined by current student Aarandeep Sian.

    Spatial Justice explores ways in which the city can facilitate justice through space, for everyone. In acknowledging the value of people, it seeks to take measures to redress injustices by creating a fair and equitable distribution in space of socially valued resources and the opportunities to use them.

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  2. 03.12.2021

    Tom Greenall and Jane Wong win funding from the RIBA Research Fund

    Director Tom Greenall and Jane Wong have won funding from the RIBA Research Fund for their research 'Towards Spatial Justice: A guide for achieving meaningful participation in co-design processes'. They were one of five research projects chosen to be supported by the Fund this year.

    Their research posits co-design both as a powerful design tool to address intersectional issues of the built environment, and as an irreplaceable civic process in its generation, exchange and application of collective knowledge. It seeks to assess existing forms of 'community engagement', identify current challenges that hinder meaningful collaborative design process, and speculate ways for co-design to be integrated into design processes at different scales.
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