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  1. 02.03.2022

    Sanket Ghatalia and Oluwaseyi Adewole talk Spatial Justice with REDD Collective

    Sanket and Seyi joined the REDD Collective yesterday for a talk about their research and work on the topic of Spatial Justice. DSDHA have been developing this work with their Design Think Tank students at LSA. For this digital talk they were joined by current student Aarandeep Sian.

    Spatial Justice explores ways in which the city can facilitate justice through space, for everyone. In acknowledging the value of people, it seeks to take measures to redress injustices by creating a fair and equitable distribution in space of socially valued resources and the opportunities to use them.

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  2. 03.06.2020

    Presenting the Business of Research at RMIT Australia

    On Friday 5 June, Deborah will be the keynote speaker for RMIT’s Practice Research Symposium in Asia and Australia.  

    The PRS symposium sees researchers, supervisors and visiting examiners gather to undertake the presentation, review and collective development of practice knowledge and ways of knowing. 

    This year will see the combination of PRS Australia and Asia for the first time online. 

    Deborah will explore how spatial intelligence, combined with research, must now play a critical role in helping redefine architectural practice going forward. 

    She will present the various ways in which research is being actively deployed in practice to respond to current and future needs, based on findings presented in her recent guest edit of ‘Architectural Design (AD): The Business of Research: Knowledge and Learning Redefined in Architectural Research’, co-edited with DSDHA colleagues Tom Greenall and Roberta Marcaccio. The magazine is available to purchase here

    Her talk will be streamed online at 9.00 (BST)/18.00 (AEST) and can be watched via  
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