1. Housing London: Vision for the Future
    In March 2016, DSDHA Associate Director Tom Greenall took part in a panel discussion at the Architecture Association, discussing and speculating on our visions for the future of housing in the Capital. 
  2. Cyclopaths
    DSDHA has been awarded a two-year Research Fellowship in the Built Environment by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. With the support of the fellowship grant, DSDHA are exploring the notion of 'The Beautiful Everyday Journey’, with the aim to make cycling a more pleasurable, exciting and accessible mode of...
  3. Deconstructing Sinan's Townscape
    “…one thing remains the same: the place the Bosphorus holds in our collective heart….(it) sustains the city and all those who dwell in it.” - Orhan PamukInvited by Turkish Ceramics and the AJ, DSDHA explores the works of Mimar Sinan's, the first 'Starchitect', and writes about the picturesque in Isntanbul. 
  4. Monumentimals
    http://www.dsdha.co.uk/projects/54be8707c1b2e00003000001/Monumentimals‘Monumentimals’ was DSDHA’s contribution to the Monumental Masonry Exhibition, held at Sir John Soane’s Museum from 6th December 2014 – 24th January 2015.
  5. Good Intentions
    DSDHA's competition entry for the British Pavilion at the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale was devised to investigate the impact of Modernity on the evolution of public space in the UK. It explored the heated debate surrounding publicly owned space as an enduring legacy of Modernity.
  6. Re-imagining the Albertopolis
    In 2010, Deborah Saunt was awarded the Research Fellowship in the Built Environment by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. The generous grant supported an intensive research programme to develop a comprehensive understanding of public realm issues facing the Albertopolis, specifically the area around the Royal...
  7. Free State of Soho
  8. The Mayfair Mission
    London is a so-called “World City.” The proximity of its diverse inhabitants makes for extraordinary exchange and meaningful interaction. Transactions of extreme wealth and influence differentiate London and link it with only a few other cities globally. In 2009, DSDHA's and the students of Unit 13 at London Metropolitan...
  9. Oligarchy and Architecture
    Each year DSDHA’s Diploma Unit at London Metropolitan University tackles a part of London that challenges our preconceptions, often confronting issues that might appear unpalatable, such as exclusivity in Mayfair, or deregulation in Soho. In 2012-2013, DSDHA and the students in Unit 11 asks if The City needs more diversity...
  10. Self Made City - A talk by Kristien Ring
    DSDHA recently hosted Kristien Ring from the Active Architecture Project based in Berlin, who visited the studio to deliver her lecture 'Self Made City'.Kristien spoke about the the emerging movement of self-initiated building projects, that started in Berlin, but is now gaining significant attention in other cities, such...
  11. London In Flux
    Private houses bloom amid a wide diversity of building types in the 2015 RIBA London Awards, in a city in constant flux. Deborah Saunt, of DSDHA Studio, puts it all in context.First Published in the May Issue of the RIBA Journal 
  12. David Hills - My Kind of Town
    I first visited New York when I headed off to spend a year in America before going to college and then returned every summer for the next seven years whilst I studied. I still remember the experience of emerging from the subway at W10th St for the first time as a naive suburban boy from England and being instantly overwhelmed...
  13. Studio Visit: Vesta House
    As part of the studio's Out and About programme, the practice visited Vesta House, DSDHA's London 2012 Olympic Village housing project, now in its legacy phase and occupied by tenants of what is now named East Village.The practice was accompanied on their visit  by Tony O'Reilly of Get Living London, who provided a...
  14. DSDHA Out and About
    As a means of continuous professional training, and to ensure the studio is fully engaged with the real world of construction, DSDHA have been 'Out and About'.Organised by the practice, these trips are diverse in their nature and destinations, from an afternoon wondering in the site of the Greenwich Peninsula master plan...
  15. Rome Study Trip
  16. Above and Below
    Each year DSDHA’s Unit tackles an aspect of the city that challenges our preconceptions, often confronting issues that might appear unpalatable or beyond the remit of the traditional architect, such as exclusivity in Mayfair, deregulation in Soho, or the un-nurtured potential of Infrastructure projects like HS2. With each...
  17. If We Could Design London
  18. Waterloo Square Lecture
    Deborah Saunt's lecture on DSDHA ongoing work for the master plan of Waterloo City Square is featured on the Design For London online lecture catalogue.Watch the lecture here
  19. Lecture to the Friends of Queen Alexandria's House
    Deborah Saunt was invited to speak to the Friends of Queen Alexandria's House, in London, where she presented her research as Fellow in the Built Environment by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851.