House of European Art: University of Navarra Studio

As part of DSDHA's ongoing research on Cultural Infrastructure, Director Deborah Saunt co-led a studio at the University of Navarra developing designs for a new "House of European Art" in Vauxhall, London.
Should we harness our city's transport infrastructures to simultaneously access and nurture culture?

Parallel research was carried out in London and Spain, with the scope to understand the European networks of production, curation and consumption of art, whilst also speculating on how this might shift in the face of rising privatisation of space and decreased public funding. 

This takes place when increasing importance is placed on how our city's Cultural Infrastructure works towards maintaining our connectivity and status in the global artistic and economic network. 

The studio mapped Cultural Infrastructure in the cities in Spain, analysing the architecture of their museums and gallery spaces, considering their urban context, virtual presence (on the web and on social media) and logistical aspects, such as the movement of artworks and flow of visitors. 

Then the students developed proposals for a new 'House of European Art' for sites across Vauxhall (such as the river bank, within the railway station and the Pleasure Gardens). Each new space was conceived as a platform for the exchange of art with other European states after the UK's separation from the EU, while also addressing the evolving urban fabric of Vauxhall as well as its rich history as a site for art and culture.
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