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DSDHA collaborated with York Museums Trust, the City Council and Beam, an organisation which helps people make better places through learning, education and the promotion of good design, on an ongoing series of project in York, which explore the integration of are and cultural space into the public realm in York. 

DSDHA have developed proposals for an Open Gallery that incorporates archaeological remnants into a garden setting, visible and directly accessible from the Museum Gardens, York space will offer the opportunity for formal and ad-hoc events, performances and exhibitions. 

In November 2009 a temporary transformation of Exhibition Square was carried out over a weekend as a public event, using over 1,000 orange cardboard boxes, a team of performers, and interactive sound and light installations, to encourage public participation with public space and to question how public space can and should be used.

Architect: DSDHA  
Structural Engineer: Structure Workshop
Lighting Designer: Studio Dekka
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