Loughborough Junction

DSDHA were engaged in 2012 by the Loughborough Junction Action Group (LJAG) and the London Borough of Lambeth to undertake extensive consultation work and develop a Public Realm Plan for the future identity of Loughborough Junction, developed in close dialogue with the community.

The Plan has sought to define the unique existing qualities of the area that should be protected and enhanced in any future development. It is intended to be a comprehensive, long-range plan to guide the generation of the area, capturing the aspirations and intentions that people have for the future of Loughborough Junction. The plan proposes to consolidate the shared centre of Loughborough Junction, and connect the individual neighbourhoods through lighting, paving, and greening, prioritising people over traffic, and places over roads. 

As well as identifying a range of gateway projects that will catalyse the regeneration and help build local pride and ownership, the Plan seeks to enhance connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists and sets out ambitions for the emerging identities of a series of ‘yards’, which can help build a sense of local place and opportunity.

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