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  1. 29.10.2014

    South Molton Street Shortlisted for Best New Place to Work Award

    The London Planning Awards has unveiled South Molton Street as one of the contenders for the Best New Place to Work Award. London Mayor, Boris Johnson, stated that these awards promote 'good quality planning to ensure London remains the best city in the world to live, work and visit.'

    Read more about the project here.
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  2. 23.09.2014

    HAB Housing Wins CPRE Award

    DSDHA's HAB Oakus housing project in Cashes Green has been given a CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) Award by its Gloucestershire Branch in recognition of the project's outstanding contribution to the environment and to the communities in the local area. 

    We weren't just interested in somewhere to live, but a place where the community would work together. We used to have it when we grew up, wanted it back again and Applewood has it. That sense of community. The individual bits - the houses, the allotments, the green space - all add up to something bigger than the parts. We're lucky to have the best of everything here - between the countryside and the vibrant, creative stuff going on in Stroud.

    - Sarah, Crockett & Rob, working couple and student son, Applewood - Stroud

    Visit the HAB Oakus Applewood website here to find out more.
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  3. 25.02.2014

    DSDHA Marylebone Lane Proposal Wins Planning Permission

    DSDHA have won planning for a residential development for 21 apartments on Marylebone Lane, Westminster.

    Design seeks to build on the qualities of the area whilst providing a contemporary, sustainable building that engages with the public realm, and embodies high quality design and craftsmanship.

    Read more about the project here.
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