1. Christ's College Heat Recovery
  2. Monumentimals
  3. On Concrete - A talk by Anthony Thresh
  4. Think Zinc
  1. Monumentimals
    http://www.dsdha.co.uk/projects/54be8707c1b2e00003000001/Monumentimals‘Monumentimals’ was DSDHA’s contribution to the Monumental Masonry Exhibition, held at Sir John Soane’s Museum from 6th December 2014 – 24th January 2015.
  2. On Concrete - A talk by Anthony Thresh
    Specialist contractor, concrete expert and long term DSDHA collaborator Anthony Thresh gave a talk at DSDHA studios on Monday 17th March, to the practice and DSDHA's students at the CASS School of Art. Anthony spoke about his vast and varied experience working with concrete as a material in construction. His work spans...
  3. Think Zinc
    During the construction of the pigmented zinc facade for Alex Monroe Studio, DSDHA visited the site at 37 Snowsfields to learn about the art of bespoke zinc facade fabrication.The specialist zinc craftsman on site introduced the studio to the process of cutting, folding, and installing the complex profiled pigmented zinc...
  4. Christ's College Heat Recovery
    Researching through our project for Christ's College School to develop a sustainable and efficient Heat Recovery System for use throughout the building.