Cultural Infrastructure in Transit

Building on our investigations of London’s cultural infrastructure, DSDHA took part in Theatrum Mundi's series of workshops and events addressing the urgent need to create a Cultural Infrastructure plan for London. Over 50 artists, performers, architects, writers, urbanists, scholars and institutional leaders as well as a representative from the Greater London Authority’s Culture Team were invited to debate if and how the conditions for cultural production can be designed.
Working collaboratively with our students from the LSA's Metabolic City Design Think Tank, DSDHA have addressed some of the issues raised by the Mayor’s Cultural Infrastructure strategy and devised MeSS (MEtabolic Spatial Strategies). This is a city-wide spatial strategy that operates between mobility and public space and that integrates cultural uses within new and existing transport networks, creating much needed spaces for informal cultural participation and production, at a time when these are under threat. 
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