Lecture to the Friends of Queen Alexandria's House

Deborah Saunt was invited to speak to the Friends of Queen Alexandria's House, in London, where she presented her research as Fellow in the Built Environment by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851.

As two of London’s most visited monuments, the Royal Albert Hall and Albert Memorial are the recognisable public face of the Albertopolis, yet they feel disconnected from the rest of the Estate and the new Exhibition Road improvements.

Their function and use provides us with a constant reminder of Prince Albert’s original vision for the South Kensington site. Anchoring the northern part of the estate, and in close proximity to the most important open green spaces in London, the two icons bring an axial order to the surrounding institutions and play a critical role in defining the character of Albertopolis and beyond.

Deborah's Fellowship study looked at improving the setting of these important heritage assets and providing dignified access for all, as well as revealing the wealth of activities within the many significant neighbouring institutions. 

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