Stockwell Public Realm

DSDHA have completed Stockwell Square as the second phase of their Stockwell Framework Masterplan, following the success of Wilcox Road. A new bespoke Bus Stop Canopy on Binfield Road acted as a catalyst for the whole Masterplan, seeking to rebalance this busy traffic node in favour of pedestrians and cyclists. DSDHA’s Bus Stop is the first phase of a long term strategy to regenerate this infamous and poorly maintained part of the city, providing a new well-designed public realm that, by reducing the predominance of vehicles, will favour local business and offer the opportunity for the locals to gather and hold markets and occasional events.

The shape of the Bus Stop’s canopy and its reflective surfaces demand attention. They act as a visual anchor, capturing the flow and movements at this busy interchange and turning it into a meeting space. They are purposely forceful, almost insisting that the passers-by lift their eyes from their smartphone screens and be present; aware of their surroundings. This attribute of the architecture might be referred to as ‘awkward’, but we see it as a contemporary form of beauty, obliging one to engage the senses in the here and now, feeling an emotional sentiment and acknowledgement of wider social issues.

As with the first phase of the masterplan – Wilcox Road Public Realm, collaboration and participation was a key part of the process to empower the local community and key stakeholders to take ownership of the proposals and support the project.

Architect: DSDHA
Landscape Architect: DSDHA / TFL Urban Design  
Project Manager: TFL 
Contractor: Kier
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