Wilcox Road Public Realm

DSDHA was appointed in September 2008 by the London Borough of Lambeth to consult on and develop detailed proposals for the public realm improvements of Wilcox Road and Wilcox Close. Collaboration and participation was a key part of the process to empower the local community and key stakeholders to take ownership of the proposals and commit to supporting and delivering the project. 

The project was identified as a priority in the Future Stockwell Framework and it is the first of many projects to be implemented, with the aim of enhancing the area and stimulating future development in Stockwell. 

The proposals for Wilcox Close and Wilcox Road was developed as a series of options leading to a preferred option that was broken down into phases. The phases, first of which has been completed, enable incremental implementation covered by existing funds and will be used to procure additional funding from relevant sources for the remaining phases of work. 
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