HAB Housing

Completed in September 2014, DSDHA worked with Kevin McCloud’s company Hab Oakus in the development of 78 homes on a former hospital site in Stroud, Gloucestershire. 

The site had been unused for many years, and enjoyed a dynamic topography and diverse ecosystem. DSDHA designed a highly sustainable housing development, building upon the strong character of the existing Cashes Green Hospital site, which is defined by the rich red bricks of the buildings and the existing boundary wall, as well as slate roofs and mature planting. 

Materials from the existing buildings are recycled into the new homes and landscape, and two existing buildings of local significance were converted into residential use as part of the scheme. The quality of the landscape and the public realm has been fundamental to creating a sense of place, but also key to the social and environmental sustainability of this project. 

Our approach creates a multi-functional landscape that provides for biodiversity, sustainable drainage and food production as well as recreation and play. DSDHA designed the scheme to planning which was delivered by Markey Construction with local firm Quattro Architects as Delivery Architects. 

"We weren't just interested in somewhere to live, but a place where the community would work together. We used to have it when we grew up, wanted it back again and Applewood has it. That sense of community. The individual bits - the houses, the allotments, the green space - all add up to something bigger than the parts. We're lucky to have the best of everything here - between the countryside and the vibrant, creative stuff going on in Stroud."

-Sarah, Crockett & Rob, working couple and student son, Applewood - Stroud

Visit the HAB Oakus Applewood website here to find out more.

Architect: DSDHA 
Landscape Architect: Studio Engleback 
Structural Engineer: Curtins Consulting 
Cost Consultant: DBK 
Project Manager: Cashes Green Design Team 
Delivery Architect: Quattro Design Architects 
Contractor: Markey
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