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  1. 27.11.2014

    Santo Domingo - Design Capital of the Caribbean

    With its eight schools of architecture, Santo Domingo leads the way for design in the Caribbean. DSDHA has reached the final stage in an international design competition to design the masterplan of the historic city centre of Santa Domingo in the Dominican Republic, and more specifically for the consolidation of the ruins of a colonial convent to create a new cultural building and an archeological complex. 

    David Hills will also be speaking in the Dominican Republic on 2 December 2014, as part of two-day International Conference on Contemporary Architecture in Historic Centres at UNIBE, alongside Rafael Moneo, Cristobal Valdez and Gonzalo Byrne.
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  2. 16.10.2014

    Alex Monroe Studio Featured in Baumeister Magazine

    We are delighted that Baumeister has featured the Alex Monroe Studio in this month's issue. Commending the design for its craftsmanship, they say: 'The narrow pilasters are hollow and handmade, corresponding to the intricate handiwork of the jewelers within.'

    Read more about the project here.
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  3. 01.04.2014

    DSDHA Has Moved

    DSDHA has moved to its new studio!

    Find us at: 357 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall SE11 5QY

    All other contact information remains the same. 
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  4. 28.05.2013

    A Jewel Box

    Alex Monroe's Southwark Jewellery Studio on Snowsfields is reviewed in Building Design: 

    The building makes a picture of the world around it, drawing seamlessly irreconcilable parts into an artistically considered whole. In a London that grows ever more heterogeneous by the year, it is a strategy that carries continued relevance.

    Read the full review here.
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  5. 23.05.2013

    Crafting The City

    DSDHA's crafted approach to scale and tectonics has revitalised South Molton Street...In a subtle duality, scale is suppressed from afar but expressed close up, an accomplished feat in DSDHA's first large urban building.

    - Felix Mara, Architects Journal

    Read the article on AJ Online here.
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