1. 05.09.2018

    Ellen Hadden discusses the influence of Alison Smithson

    To celebrate the winners of the RIBA's Eye Line Drawing Competition, DSDHA Senior Associate Ellen Hadden took part to a discussion on inspirational drawings. Ellen presented a set of photographs and sketches from Alison Smithson's seminal publication “AS in DS: An Eye on the Road”, documenting her experiences travelling from London to the countryside in her Citronen DS.

    By adopting the point of view of the car driver – looking at the urban environment from the motorway, the road, the street and from the parking-lot – Alison showed how the altered perception of space enabled by the car had transformed the social and physical nature of the city.

    DSDHA applied similar techniques to study a cyclist’s experience of the city, conducting extensive research on the ground, on foot and on our bikes to map people’s journeys and understand how London can best reprogram its spaces as it moves away from the prominence of car use.
    Tags: Smithsons urban mobility
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