1. 23.01.2017

    Deborah Saunt Visiting Professor at the University of Navarra, Spain

    Working with the overall theme of Cultural Infrastructure, Deborah's Studio is focusing on the design proposal for a new "House of European Art" in London – a new type of art gallery, where EU member states can continue to promote European culture in post-Brexit U.K. 

    The site is in Vauxhall, close to many new developments, and also near the new American, Chinese, Dutch and Belgian Embassies. There are plans to change Vauxhall’s transport interchange where railway, underground, bus routes link with vehicular and pedestrian journeys and a new urban centre is envisaged. Cultural Infrastructure is therefore critical to Vauxhall's future identity, particularly as the public and the private in our cities increasingly blur. 

    The students will design spatial counter-proposals to the current drift towards the private and the hidden and ask what will be the common cultural and public spaces of the future.
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