1. 25.04.2016

    Design Research (in) Practice: DSDHA's Grounded Research Agenda

    DR_SoM: Design Research, Series on Method 
    Friday 22 April, 9.30am to 6.30pm
    New School of Architecture at Reading University
    Reading, UK

    Last week architect Nicola Ibbotson from DSDHA took part in the DR_SoM symposium focusing on Research Methods used by architectural practitioners. Building on her own work,Nicola's presentation focused on DSDHA's techniques of 'grounded research', allowing us to reveal concerns, aspirations and trends that often remain hidden to the generic gaze of statistics. 

    We embed ourselves in our projects to record people's existing movements and study the way they employ technology – particularly wearable and handheld devices – as a tool to navigate their surroundings as well as to record and share their personal experiences. Our aim is to map and establish how individual narratives collectively relate to broader urban morphologies and employ them to speculate on future scenarios within the settings we design. 
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